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Solutions at a Snap

Advanced technology makes things happen in a flash. At Tech Savvy Solutions LLC in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, you'll discover more possibilities and enjoy them as they all unfold in real time. Get into the 21st-century groove and move further forward.


Savvy TV

Get Savvy TV only $65.00 per month per household. Savvy TV can

be installed on any TV, but could be installed on up to  Five TV’s.

Additional charges could apply for multiple Installed devices over three TV's. We also have our own device called the Movie Pod.

The Devices are $150.00 for one Movie Pod. If you buy more you save! buy more than one Movie Pod it will be $125.00 per device. Savings of $25.00 per device. Tech Savvy Solutions will take care of your full entertainment experience.

(Note Savvy TV can be used or installed on Fire Sticks)

Savvy TV provides over

      • 300+ Channels
      • Includes HD
      • Thousands of On Demand entertainment options
      • Plug & Play Technology
      • Pay as you go!
      • Month to month service
      • No long term commitments
      • No activation fees
      • No cancellation fees
      • No credit check
      • Professional Support
      • Savvy TV also includes Premium Channels. Great deal At only $2.17 roughly per day

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Call or email me today to learn more about new information technology breakthroughs. I can help you create the systems to jumpstart, run, and sustain your business.
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